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Highland Hospitality from a committed Team

Guests experience the care and commitment to quality of professional owners, combining and working seamlessly with a team working totally in harmony with customer values. Our promise to you is a complete Highland hospitality experience - a lovely balance of all that is good about food, drink, accommodation and comfort, skillfully and delicately fused by and nurtured by that most important factor, the personal touch 

Our Vision

The hotel of choice for our customers and our people

Our Values

To provide an environment in which the two most important groups of people, our customers and our employees, get the best from each other; one cannot exist without the other

Be profitable whilst providing value for money

At all times act with a high degree of professional integrity

We believe that it is only through the quality, pride and dedication of our employees that Royal Highland Hotel is successful and will continue to be successful, allowing the Company to expand and develop

Our commitment to service excellence

At Royal Highland Hotel, excellence in customer service is in our DNA

We also know that excellence is not five star. Excellence is the very best at what you do. So not only do we have excellent pre, during and après stay concierge – but we recognise, and endeavour ,to deliver the often very different needs of business, solo and groups travellers – as well as unique social events –and weddings, as individual as you

Our peoples' business gives us a big opportunity to interact with our customers and obtain valuable feedback. One of our mottos is – if you enjoyed your stay, tell Trip Advisor, if you didn’t, tell us'

We think we've created something really special - we hope you'll agree...