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The history of a great Inverness hotel

The Royal Highland is quite remarkable in that, although it belongs to, the once elite group of classic Scottish 'station hotels' it is the only one which has not succumbed to the power of the large hotel groups. A classic ambience yet modern appeal - against a backdrop of magnificent period features and objects d'art

This marriage of modern standards of comfort with traditional classic surroundings creates an elegant yet contemporary feeling. Renamed the Royal Highland in May 2000, the hotel, has been restored to its rightful position as one of the great hotels of the North

Nostalgic for some, it has been created  with a stylish yet very leisurely atmosphere with distinctive Scottish hospitality that will surprise and delight you - a wonderful alternative to the standardisation and predictability of many city centre hotels. And ample testimony to an imposing and eclectic guest list over the years - from royalty to international stars since it first opened its doors in 1856

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