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Loch Ness Tours and Cruises departing from Inverness

There are very few people in the modern world who have not heard of Loch Ness! The Loch Ness Monster, ‘Nessie’, is a recurrent figure in modern literature, television movies and games. Loch Ness, the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles, is twenty four miles long and, at one point, one and a half miles wide. It has an average depth of four hundred and fifty feet and at times plunges close to a thousand. It is cold and murky, with dangerous currents. In short, it is the perfect place to hide a monster from even the most prying eyes of science. 

Many lochs of Northern Scotland had ancient legends about monsters and the like. In 565 A.D., though, Loch Ness's story was written down. The account tells of Saint Columba who saved a swimmer from the  hungry lake monster. From then on rumours about the creature were repeated from time to time. New searches for Nessie take place almost daily, by tourists and experts alike!

  • Jacobite Loch Ness Tours and Cruises

    Jacobite Loch Ness Tours and Cruises

    Jacobite Loch Ness Cruises present an excellent selection of one hour, two our, three hour and day cruises, coach tours and combi cruise/coach tours of Loch Ness from Inverness. We are extremely proud of everything we’ve achieved since the company started in 1973, winning many awards and delighting over 100,000 customers every year. We are able to provide award winning cruises tours and charters on Loch Ness because our whole focus is upon ensuring our customers enjoy the highest quality in every way, from start to finish, every month of the year. For more information and to book, visit

  • present Inverness Tours of Loch Ness and the Scottish Highlands with specialist Highland History, Heritage, Loch Ness, Natural History and Clan Guides. Book with confidence with a bona fide company who are listed on (Destination Loch Ness) and Trip Advisor also have a page dedicated to us here. Some of our independent guides were the first to achieve five star status in Scotland. You are carried in comfortable seats in seven-seater vehicles. Your independent guide/drivers are local historians, or Loch Ness experts, or have a passion for presenting our history and heritage. Visit

  • Go Scotland Tours

    Go Scotland Tours

    Go Scotland Tours present  cruise tours of Loch Ness with pick up from Inverness, half day and full day tours to Loch Ness Visitor Centre, Urqhuart Castle and more, morning and afternoon. Go Scotland Tours also arranges private driver guided tours and customized itineraries. Let us be your personal tour guide, tailor-make your own bespoke Inverness tour or choose from our list of sample Inverness tours from our website. Our highlight is a 3.5 hour coach & cruise of Loch Ness with 1 hour tour of Urquhart Castle and 1 hour visit to Loch Ness centre. or bookings and nore infrmation about our cruise tours, visit

  • Loch Ness Cruises

    Loch Ness Cruises

    Loch Ness Cruises are based in Drumnadrochit, so to join them you have a short drive (14 miles aprrox, 25 minutes max). On our 1 hour cruise, including the short mini bus ride to and from the Urquhart Bay Harbour, our comprehensive commentary, available in several languages, covers all aspects of the Loch Ness phenomenon. Nessie Hunter is equipped withRadar, Colour Sonar, G.P.S. and our innovative underwater cameras and video/dvd equipment for finding the elusive creature. We pass the historic ruins of Urquhart Castle where you will get the best photographs of the castle along with a comprehensive commentary on its history.Visit